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There is an increasing number of people being diagnosed with Parkinson disease in Singapore and globally. Living well with Parkinson disease is possible with the appropriate treatment. Every individual should have a tailored plan for success. For some people, deep brain stimulation (DBS) offers life-changing relief.

Awake craniotomy and brain mapping

Spotlight Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:00
Imagine being able to talk to your neurosurgeon and giving him immediate feedback while he operates on your brain. That’s exactly what happens during an awake brain tumour surgery.

Minimally invasive brain surgery

Spotlight Tuesday, 11 February 2020 12:00
The brain is made up of a highly complex network of nerve fibres, akin to a series of interconnected tracks in the network that makes up an entire train system. If the fibre connections are disconnected, the function of the areas they are connected to, such as speech, vision or movement, will be affected. Disruptions can be caused not only by the tumour growth or blood clot itself, but also by surgical tools.