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Helpful tools to determine statistical risk

Short Quality of Life Questionnaire for Parkinson Disease

This is a self-administered questionnaire using 8 simple questions [about 2 mins to complete].

  • It is based on a commonly used scale developed specifically to calculate quality of life in Parkinson disease. 
  • The score has been tested globally and in Asia.

Calculate quality of life for Parkinson Disease 

Hemifacial Spasm Grading Scale

This is a questionnaire to grade the severity of hemifacial spasm [about 2 mins to complete].

  • It is a new scale developed through expert consensus.
  • The score was developed using data from patients who needed to have treatment.

Calculate hemifacial spasm score 

Body Mass Index Calculator

Calculate your BMI using Asian cut-off values.

  • WHO recognises that for Asians, the current cut-off of 25 is too high. Asians have generally higher percentage of body fat compared to international groups. A lower BMI cut-off is therefore recommended for action.
  • BMI values do not apply to children, pregnant women, people with muscular build (eg. athletes and bodybuilders) or the elderly.

Calculate your BMI 

Parkinson Disease Risk Calculator

For clinicians to calculate risk of Parkinson Disease.

  • In individuals with symptoms & signs presenting above the age of 50, these can be used to calculate the risk of developing Parkinson Disease within 5 years.
  • Those individuals at high risk are stratified for further intervention.
  • The risk will vary depending on the local characteristic of the population and these values are therefore indicative.

Calculate Parkinson Disease Risk